“The Lodge”; A Cold Lesson About Denial

So I feel as if I’m the only person who has watched The Lodge, a physiological horror film that seems to play on the fear of isolation and a profound sense of not belonging.

The Lodge released in (select) theaters in 2019 and released on Blu-Ray on May 5th, 2020. I had known about the films existence for quite a while seeing previews for the film before watching both Midsommar and Parasite.

The short simple synopsis, Grace Marshall (played by Riley Keough) is stuck in a winter lodge during a heavy storm with two kids, Adain and Mia, who absolutely hate her as they are still grieving over the death of their biological mother. Their biological committed suicide after hearing the news from her ex-husband that he plans on marrying the woman, Grace, he had been interviewing her about her experiences of being raised in an extremist Christian suicide cult. During their stay, mysterious events begin to occur that seem to link to Grace’s past in the cult.

Before you finish reading this, please watch the film, as I will be spoiling the film from here on out.

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