Meaning in Meaningless Movies; Cars 2 (2011)

As a kid I loved everything Disney and Pixar. I also really loved Cars 2. It was my favorite Pixar movie before I came to my senses, and I came to appreciate film as a form of art. The movie still holds a place in my heart, but I can now realize how much my stupid kid brain held that movie on a pedestal. Now … Continue reading Meaning in Meaningless Movies; Cars 2 (2011)

Why Monster’s University Is A Great Film

Monster’s University, a 2013 prequel to the acclaimed 2001 Pixar film “Monster’s Inc.” and is considered a bad film to critics and fans of Pixar alike. I myself disagree with these criticisms, and though I may not sway your opinion or stance on the film, I will be discussing why I believe this film, in my opinion, is phenomenal. I will also be explaining why … Continue reading Why Monster’s University Is A Great Film

13. Monsters University

As much as I enjoy the wacky antics of Monster’s Inc. I never felt full invested. To me it was a fun popcorn flick that admittedly had me a little choked up my first time watching it. So no surprise when Pixar announced Monsters University was coming out, I wasn’t too impressed. I think to myself once in awhile about what it was like before … Continue reading 13. Monsters University