Some Idiot Rewrites Frozen 2 (That Idiot Is Me)

So watching Frozen II is no doubt a fantastic time and something I don’t regret watching more than once, but I couldn’t help but feel as if the film left a lot of ideas and scenes on the cutting room floor.

I don’t know all of what was cut or intended but I feel as if there’s a lot that could’ve been different, so I’ve decided to rewrite it.

But before we get to that let’s set a few guidelines and things to consider;

  • The Characters Need to Be Marketable.
  • The Characters Need to Be Useful or Have A Reason to be there. (Olaf not withstanding)
  • There always needs to be a nearly equal balance between the characters in a scene.
  • Know who our target demographic is, which in this case is little kids (mainly girls) and basically all of China (This just means Elsa won’t be a lesbian because Disney is a bootlicker for hire)
  • Actions Need Consequences

So what exactly do I have in mind?

Elsa and Anna need to work together, THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE FILM.

How would work out exactly? Well throughout the film its shown that Anna is well set academically. She recognizes Lieutenant Matias, she knows about the secret water proof compartment in Arendelle ships, and she memorized all the paintings all throughout the castle in Frozen.

Why is this important?

Well we can expand on that and make the sister who lacks in magic make up for it in skill. Anna is a jack of all trades now. From sword fighting to historical knowledge she can be someone who is skilled in many ways except magic.

How do we explain this? Well Anna and Elsa were locked in the walls of a castle for at least a decade, in this time as Elsa was dealing with her growing fear and isolation Anna could’ve gotten herself familiar with the library and teaching herself whatever she can.

How can we use this?

Well its shown throughout Frozen II, that Elsa’s powers are seemingly increasing. Elsa also seems more in control of her power being able to make more detailed ice structures and use her powers in more versatile ways like fucking pulling a Akira and sucking the water out of a now probably 20~25 year old ship and making a statue revealing what had happened to their parents.

So let’s build on this. Elsa starts hearing a voice that seems to be calling her North, its faint to her at first but it becomes increasingly louder as she uses her magic.

Let’s charades scene for this example;

Olaf has just finished his turn in charades, Khristoph guessing each action with ease as Olaf changed his form.

Anna: I don’t think it’s fair Olaf got to change his form.

Sven rings the bell and hands Elsa her paper

Elsa: It’s alright Anna, that just means I get to use my ice!

Olaf: Hey that’s cheating!

Elsa: Should’ve thought of that hm?

Elsa starts making small ice sculptures that of the shape of a boat with large sails. The voice is very faint.

Anna: Oh! A boat!

Elsa shakes her head and adds an Arendelle flag and other small detail along with cannons. The voice is a bit louder.

Anna: Oh! I know what this is! Its an Arendelle warship!

Elsa nods and then makes a miniature trebuche and a castle wall. The voice gets louder.

Anna: Oh! Oh! It’s a trebuche!

Elsa shakes her head and let’s the trebuche release and destroy the castle wall. The voice is getting louder.

Anna: Oh it’s the great Arendelle siege of 1782! I learned about that one on the third isle second shelf of the castle library history documents!

Elsa nods and she gets to work making her next sculpture, it seems like this is a big one. Anna is bouncing with excitement.

Anna: This is game point! We get this one we win!

The voice is too loud to ignore now. Elsa looses concentration and starts making the monster from the first film. Anna starts blurting out guesses, but Elsa seems more focused on the voice.

Anna: A monster! A snow monster! A blizzard beast!

The sculpture gets bigger Elsa seems tense

Anna: A frightening monster! A giant frightening monster! Have I said A Blizzard Beast yet?

Sven rings the bell and Elsa collects herself. She clears away the ice monster.

Anna: Hey it’s alright, siblings never win these kinda games! That’s a proven fact!

End Scene

So what am I trying accomplish here? I want to show that Elsa is in control of her powers but they are still emotionally connected. I also want to show that Anna is a very book smart person. She knows her history and where she learned it from.

I also want to show that though they are at peace right now Arendelle is a kingdom built from war and conquest. This plays a part into hinting that Arendelle isn’t too kind.

The colonial conquest reveal is something neat but doesn’t have much pay off, as it seems almost pulled out as a surprise. With this change it shows that Arendelle is a kingdom that was secretly built on bloodshed rather than peace. (Almost like America, Hint hint.)

So what’s another key thing I want to look at? Elsa and Anna working together as a team. I want to show this with the Black Sea scene. Here’s how I’d have it play out;

Elsa and Anna stand at the shore of the Black Sea. The waves crash against the bed of rocks. They see a rock in the distance.

Elsa attempts running across the crashing waves to the standing rock. Anna follows quickly behind trying to jump on the trail of ice left behind.

They are eaten by a large wave and washed back ashore.

Elsa looks at Anna they nod. They make another attempt this time making it to the rock. Elsa slips off and makes a slide to catch herself as Anna quickly follows behind. They fall into the water and the Water Spirit glares at them.

They swim up only to be pushed back by the waves. They cling onto the rock. Anna pulls herself up and extends a hand to Elsa offering help. Elsa takes her hand and they stand on the rock.

Elsa: The Water Spirit, its angry. We need to calm it down.

Anna: How can we do that? I can’t even touch the horse!

Elsa makes a large platform of ice and tries running across, the Water Spirit shoots out from the sea and throws Elsa back. Anna catches her just in time.

Anna dives into the water trying to power through the waves, she is pushed back and thrown against the rock. The Water Spirit jumps out and starts dives into Anna pushing her deep into the sea. She frantically tries pushing herself out from under only for her hands to pass through the horse.

Elsa screams and dives in after her, grabbing the horses tail turning it solid. Anna grabs its legs and pushes herself off the horse. The spirit goes away and Elsa and Anna frantically swim back up to the rock.

Anna (out of breath): Did you just freeze the horse?

Elsa (out of breath and stammering): I think so? I don’t know! I never had to do something like that before.

Anna regathers herself and thinks. She seems to have an idea.

Anna: Look, if you can freeze the horse I just need a few minutes to tame it. Can you do that?

Elsa nods. She makes a small platform and jumps on. The Water Spirt jumps out where then Elsa grabs it hind leg and solidifies the horse.

Anna: Great job!

Anna grabs a rope from her satchel and wrangles the now ice horse. The stallion jerks around as Anna clings to it petting it.

Anna: Calm down there Water Spirit, we’re here to do what’s right. We just need to know what’s wrong.

The Stallion calms down as Anna continues to pet it. The Sea calms as well the waves lowering. Anna rides over to Elsa and gestures her to hop on. They ride together to Atahollen.

End Scene

With scenes like this I want to show that Anna is level headed and calm. I also want to show that she is skillful where she lacks in magic. This allows her to be marketable, a role model, and recognizable as a character.

When talking to a lot of people about Elsa and Anna are almost always distinguished as Elsa and Elsa’s sister. Nobody wants to be Anna and that’s evident as she doesn’t do anything particularly notable until the end of the film.

In the current film we have Elsa is the Solid Snake or Goku of the two while Anna is more of the Raiden or Yamcha of the two. Nobody wants to be Anna and everyone wants to be the Elsa.

This film changes that. Instead of Goku (Elsa) and Yamcha (Anna) is Goku (Elsa) and Vegeta (Vegeta). Both powerful strong characters in different ways.

Now I’m not going to rewrite every single scene in this post but I just wanted to make my main point clear. I want Elsa and Anna do be the main focus of the story and I want them to work together. When they split paths they loose the advantage of their dynamic.

As for Olaf and Khristoph, I want them to be along for the journey but for a smaller scale of it. Rather than dealing with the bigger problem, they deal with the small emotional problem. Khristoph is upset that he can’t propose to Anna as he is too nervous. Olaf is also upset because he doesn’t understand exactly why he wants to propose to her in the first place as he has yet to understand romantic love. I don’t know where to go with that but I feel as if they share enough screentime together so it’d be neat to see how something like that unfolds.

Then again I’m okay with what we got, I do understand that there are a ton of other things that need to be taken into consideration and that this one post is just a glorified fanfiction disguised as a movie rewrite.

I’m not an expert in writing and the people who made this film probably know what they’re doing more than me, some random guy on the internet, so if you do happen to be reading this, all I ask is that you take what I’ve said with a grain of salt.

This was something I just wanted to try and haven’t put more than a few days of thought into. Thank you for reading.