Jexi, Abominable, and Jigsaw; A Triple Feature Review

After a few weeks of watching movies I love I decided I need to watch something new. So I went out and watched two movies in theaters, Jexi and Abominable, then went home and finally watched Jigsaw because I had it sitting on my shelf for god knows how long and it was about time I got around to watching it.

Let’s start with the first film I saw, Jexi. Jexi is a lifetime original budget film made for boomers who think calling everyone a bitch is the funniest thing in the world. Its filled with all kinds of stereotypes and has nothing orginal to it yet I got some joy out of watching this movie.

How could I enjoy something so fucking beige I can’t even come up with a beige enough insult for it you may ask? I went in blind.

If anything the film gives me a nostalgic feeling of old made for TV comedies that you’d see on something like the SY-FY channel between episodes of Eureka and Warehouse 13. It follows Phil (played by Adam Devine) as his life toyed around with by his new phone AI, Jexi (voiced by Rose Byrne). Phil goes through the typical cycle of his life being shitty and great (just like mine) and Jexi seems to be the main root of it all.

Watching the movie all I could think is that the director wasn’t creating a film but in his head he was creating a PSA about robosexuals because this film decides that Jexi gets fucked by her phone charger.

(I really don’t like this film nor this awful poster)

Onto the next film and a much better one in my opinion (though the bar is set pretty low); Abominable. Abominable is DreamWorks newest film. Abominable is about a girl meeting a yeti and taking him back home while trying to avoid the yeti’s captors.

The animation is the standard style of DreamWorks investing more into detailed fur physics rather into the world itself, which in this case is China. The landscapes are stunning in the film and the film takes inspiration from Studio Ghibli giving this vast sense of wonder and scale but that’s about it when it comes to the movie.

The plot of the film is the typical adventure film with the main bad guy becoming the good guy in the end. It pulls at your heartstrings at the end of the film as any kids film looking to win a Oscar would and ends on a okay note.

(This poster had a layer of actual fur on top of it when it was up at the theater which is admittedly creative)

The last film I’ve been sitting on is Jigsaw. When H3H3 had done a promotion for the film in this video I had quickly grabbed myself a ticket for free. The problem was I wasn’t able to make it to the showing so I ended up not seeing Jigsaw in theaters.

Years later I finally dusted off my BluRay of Jigsaw and sat down to watch it. Watching it blind I was expecting the typical Saw shtick, blood, guts, gore, creative traps, and a “morally ambiguous” villain who punishes people who don’t appreciate life. Nothing too important to the story just some plot twist that yet again retcons the existing canon for ANOTHER one of Jigsaw’s many accomplices. (I was secretly hoping to see it was Dr. Gordon all along.)

While Jigsaw had all of that it was in my opinion a bit more, polished. There was less gorefest and more thought put into the writing. The movie bounces between two storylines, detectives and contestants. The detectives are strung along a line of dead bodies that share similar traits to those of the Jigsaw murders that happened 10 years ago. The contestants are locked in a barn where in the are strung along trap by trap to atone for their sins.

Each player has committed a sin that has caused the death of someone else, from causing a bike crash to killing a baby. These are all revealed as they keep going each revealed to be worse and worse as they admit to the fact that they each caused the death of someone directly rather than saying it wasn’t their fault.

The movie goes back to bring a thriller like the first film acting more as a whodunit than “Wow look at all these cool traps.”

In my opinion the film, though flawed, is better than the other films in its franchise and leaves me wanting more. I want to see more of this universe and maybe even someone become a copycat of Jigsaw’s work but in a way that confuses both the detectives and the players by mixing innocent people into the game or making unfair games.

Jigsaw would have to be my favorite of the three films in this review and it’s a good watch for Halloween. Watch what you want though, good or bad, the choice is yours.

(I really like this poster)