Steven Universe The Movie; Absolutely Amazing

Steven Universe was aired on Cartoon Network on May 21, 2013. A unique cartoon created by Rebecca Sugar about a boy named Steven Universe going on amazing adventures with his three gem guardians Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet.

The show gained popularity quickly with the internet with its loveable characters, relatable writing, and beautiful songs.

The show in my opinion is flawed in many ways, from pacing to some truly troubling characters that are the opposite of what they supposed to represent, but it still is quite charming and pulls at your heart strings.

The movie was announced in 2018 with nothing more than bone chilling music, a pink heart spinning slowly, and an evil laugh teasing a meanacing villain.

Did the movie deliver?

Yes, and it hit real close to home with its villain, or should I say villains.

The obvious antagonist is the outcasted Cuphead villain, Spinel (voiced by Sarah Stiles) . A bouncy, stretchy, crazy gem remenesant of old rubber hose cartoons. After 6000 years ahe arrives at earth threating to destroy earth, ruin Steven’s happily ever after, and kill anybody who tries to stop her.

Why is she evil though? Because the films unspoken antagonist. Pink Diamond, or Rose Quartz, who not only betrayed her family, faked her own death, abused her servants love, and was generally a bad person. She also abandoned a young Spinel alone at a garden promising to come back for her.

This hit way too close to home, watching people who you think you can trust saying they’ll be right back. They leave. You never hear another word from them. Then by chance thats when you see them and they’ve moved on. They never intended to come back. You cling so desperately to the feeling of being loved you’ll do anything for it. People take advantage of it.

Spinel was abused and abandoned, when Steven offers to help her she comes back. She stops the injector killing earth and in a misunderstanding, she thinks Steven just treats it like checking it off like a list and she feels used again. She distances herself from the feeling of being loved because the last time she loved someone she was hurt.

Its a touching tale about dealing with someone’s abusive past and trust issues. Its not the most well polished movie but the work that was put behind it is spectacular. From different genres of music all mashed into a fun musical, an ensemble voice cast, and a scarily relatable villain.

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