I was not ready for Ready Or Not

Ready Or Not on the outside seems like a simple story. A woman gets married to a rich family, the rich family is kinda bitchy, the family has weird traditions, those traditions turn out to be murder. Simple right?

Well it seems directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett decided to put their heart into this movie from color to sound design to writing. The horror comedy film is this melting pot of tones with some unexpected twists, clever writing, and a lot of care.

The film follows Grace (played by Samara Weaving) as she is happily married into the Le Domas family. This rich luxurious family made their fortune in making board games for the whole family from simple games like checkers to more intresting games like Family Ritual. As is tradition of joining the La Domas dominion, Grace is required to play a game with her husband (played by Mark O’Brien) and the rest of the family. The game is randomly chosen by a small mysterious box left by an old investor of the family empire, and the box chooses for Grace to play a simple game of hide and seek, but what she doesn’t know is that if she’s found she’ll be killed.

Something about this movie stuck out, mostly the way it was written. It had these heavy comedy beats, but every once in awhile it’d vear right into the heavy amount of horror. After a few of these beats they slowly meld into each other till you’re laughing at the genuinely horrifying amount of blood splattered all over everything.

The movie is a deep and horrifying yet fun and shallow watch with beautiful set design, fun action, well crafted writing, and great cinematography. You’ll leave the theater in a dazed confusion of moods between “wow that was funny” to “Jesus fucking christ I need a bath.”

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