Meaning in Meaningless Movies; Slender Man (2018)

So one day I sat down to watch my favorite bad movie of 2018, Slender Man, and it struck me that I had grown slightly attached to this film. Something about the movie had struck a chord with me and I was curious.

This terrible movie that was about 10 years too late, about a meme that died out from overexposure and oversaturation, had stuck out to me like a sore thumb. The movie was bad but somewhere buried underneath the layers of bad special effects, terrible writing, predicatable plot, just awful editing, among a slew of other reasons, it still had a theme behind it.

The Slender Man wasn’t just some creature but a manifestation of our depression and suicidal tendencies. From how the girl with an abusive father is the one who willing gives herself to the Slender Man to the fact that with such an emotionless society online, its no wonder this harmful video that summons him was shared online with ease of access.

Slender Man is everywhere and is unstoppable, he’s this being that only brings sadness, suicide, and depression. Its ridiculous that he warns the girls of his presence via facetime but it makes sense. Phones are an emotionless and reckless way to spread depressing things, it feels disconnected because it is. I’m probably ripping a few tendons with such hard reaching but honestly it fits the bill.

We try to find out our depression with research, we acan every book, every article, every blog post looking for an answer. We try ignoring it by distracting ourselves with romance, work, academics, etc. only for it to just build up in our subconscious. We try to seek counseling, asking others with the same problem, taking what we can get from them at face value.

The movie doesn’t give us a solution outright, as the last character to die (she actually gets absorbed into a tree, its a bad movie still, but I can imagine its hard to live inside a solid tree possessed by the Slender Man) only dies after accepting her fate, essentially killing herself.

The movie gives us a hopeless viewpoint of depression, as nobody has a chance of living in the film, but it sticks to its roots it every characters death being by their own hands. The only true answer is to talk to someone about your problems and don’t seek after things that induce or glorify suicide.

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