Once Upon A Time In Hollywood; Tarantino’s Masterpiece

It’s 4 in the afternoon on a Saturday, Tarantino’s newest film “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” had just came out and its until now I’ve realized I’ve never seen most of Tarantino’s film’s (Quite the film major I am, right?).

Up until now I had only seen “The Hateful Eight,” “Django: Unchained,” and “Kill Bill: Vol 1&2.”

I had never seen anything else by him so I decided with nothing better to do with the time on my hands I’d watch all 8 films by him then watch his 9th film “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.”

One by one I slowly went down the list, “Reservoir Dogs,” “Pulp Fiction,” and so on and so fourth. Each film had there merits, good pacing, cinematography, writing, the works. As I kept watching I gained a new found appreciation for Tarantino’s style.

He had a certain charm to his films, that distinctly had that Tarantino feel. You could watch any of his films and say, “That’s a Tarantino film!”

I finished around 3 in the afternoon on Sunday, binge watching and enjoying his films. “Pulp fiction” had to my favorite of his works, “Inglorious Bastards” being a close second. Its almost hard to rank these films as each film held their own unique qualities that just made them so entertaining to watch.

So it comes time to watch his 9th film, the highly praised, 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.” A movie about an actor trying to live the big life in the golden age of Hollywood in 1969.

We follow Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio), and Sharon Tate (Margo Robbie) living the best of their lives in Hollywood. Rick Dalton struggles with his legacy as an actor, as he believes he’s done in the spotlight. Cliff Booth, Rick Daltons stunt double and best friend, lives the best life he can helping his friend out, and Sharon Tate enjoys her short time in the spotlight.

The movie plays on people knowledge of Sharon Tate’s short lived history, and her tragic and untimely murder, leaving everyone on the edge of their seats wondering when her unwelcome guests are going to arrive. Its almost unnerving until you’re distracted by Cliff Booth throwing Bruce Lee (Mike Moh) into a car.

I don’t want to spoil much but this film is quite the wild ride and one of the best films I’ve seen this year. If A24 Studios would like to release “The Lighthouse” anytime soon this year that might make this year one of the best for films. Go watch this film as soon as possible, it truly is Tarantino’s masterpiece.

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