Why Monster’s University Is A Great Film

Monster’s University, a 2013 prequel to the acclaimed 2001 Pixar film “Monster’s Inc.” and is considered a bad film to critics and fans of Pixar alike.

I myself disagree with these criticisms, and though I may not sway your opinion or stance on the film, I will be discussing why I believe this film, in my opinion, is phenomenal. I will also be explaining why its a perfect college film.

Monster’s University follows Mike Wasoski, a aspriring freshmen who dreams of becoming a professional scarer. He is met with the hardships of college, from fraternities to rivalries. After accidentally damaging the Deans prized possession, her last scare canister that she filled before retiring from being a world class scarer, Mike and Sully are kicked from the scaring program. Its only after joining “The Scare Games” do they have an opportunity to renter the scare program. After hijinks ensue, they win the scare games, only to reveal that Sully had cheated. This causes Mike to feel doubtful and he attemps to prove himself by going into the human world, Sully follows along and at the end they scare multiple adults causing the closet door to open from the inside out. The movie ends with the two getting expelled and working their way up the ranks to become scarers.

This is a barebones recap of the story, so its best to watch the film instead.

Houstonproductions1 inspired me to write this thread about Monster’s University and why I think its great.

To start off I’ll list my credentials:
I have no official credentials, I’ve never written a book or studied in a class about screen writing. I have watched tons of movies and videos analysing movies and what makes a good movie.Also I’ve seen Monster’s University 48 times (not including views with directors commentary). I’ve found all kinds of nice little details and writing that is pretty damn good for a kids film.

The amount of hard work put into this film is truly underappreciated, as everyone spits on it like its some kind of piece of shit.

The movie is a perfect college movie. An aspiring freshman goes the the works of being in college, and having to deal with odds stacked against him.

Personally I can relate to Mike Wazowski, the people you thought you’d be friends with betray you and the people you thought you’d never be friends with are the ones who support you to the end.Monster’s Inc. was a great film that had all kinds of quirky details in the monster’s world, the world had a human element though, as the monster’s we’re just as scared of us as we we’re them.

Monster’s University expanded on that idea. They had bullies, they had hero’s, they had parties. They had a full spectrum of emotions just as we did, and they weren’t flat characters with flat goals.

Mike worked hard to be a scarer, but lacked the physical prowess. Sully didn’t know how to be scary, but was confident in his physical appearance. They were two halves of the same coin and hated it.

If you still hate the writing, it’s not hard to tell that the animation is beautiful. All the different textures and designs of the monsters. The human world looks nearly photorealistic.

The ending scene in the human world is genuinely scary, but in a cathartic way. They way you see Mike and Sully control the environment and build up to the scare, you feel the terror the humans in the cabin feel.

The movie ending with Mike and Sully facing expulsion rather than getting to graduate shows there is consequences to their actions. They don’t get a special treatment, they’re like everyone else. The Dean is amazed by their talent but doesn’t acknowledge it.

Monster’s University is a phenomenal movie in which it teaches kids that it’s okay if things don’t go exactly as planned. Nobody can do everything perfectly and that’s perfectly fine. Sometimes, its okay to just be OK.

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