MIB: International; An Expansion Of The Extensive Universe

In 1997 a sci-fi movie starring the fresh prince himself, Will Smith, came out to theaters with critical acclaim. This was the Men In Black.

Men in Black was a action/comedy movie with the daily office life approach to extraterrestrial border patrol. Instead of killing every alien that steps at our front door the Men in Black are tasked with keeping aliens a secret and making sure their paperwork gets done.

The dynamic duo of Agent K and J had two more sequels, neither of which were much more impressive in the box office nor considered comparable to the original film.

It’s been seven years now since we’ve seen anything from the extraterrestrial travel center and the question is does this new movie hold a candle to the classic film?

Starring the Asgaurdian actors Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson as our new agent’s, Agent H and M respectively. The movie basically acts as a buddy cop movie for Thor and Valkeiry but they couldn’t get the rights from Marvel.

The movie although fun, always moving, and expanding the universe and lore of the movies more is always joyful the movie has an awkward problem with its writing. Maybe it was the editors, maybe it was the executives, but the movie has multiple jokes that were shown in the trailers, that were either rewritten and dubbed over or just completely removed. The worst one in my opinion is the removal of Agent H saying that Agent M is a queen, that being (in my opinion) a cute inside joke about Valkyrie’s recent “promotion” of a queen in the movie “Avengers Endgame.” This joke is replaced with a forced “All women are queens to an extent.”

Other the comedy, which is rather subjective, the plot was quite predictable, which doesn’t completely ruin the movie but makes it that the plot twist at then end isn’t as shocking as I believe it was intended to be.

This movie in my opinion is a fun movie to spend some spare time if you’ve seen Endgame more than three times and need to space it out before going on to your fourth. Other than that this movie isn’t worth seeing in theaters and is just best to wait till its available to rent.

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