Great Games I’ve Played: A Hat In Time

A Hat In Time is a kickstarter darling that was released in 2017 with much success. Reaching beyond its goal promising a “Cute as Heck” 3D collect-a-thon platformer, kt delivered on that promise.

The game has a cute are style harking back to something like The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker’s art style, and the writing is just as quality with dark and witty humor spread throughout.

The movement is fast, responsive, and it feels good. The addition of caps giving you different abilities ranging from stopping time to creating an icy ground pound adds layers onto the movement system allowing you to get to previously inaccessible areas.

The game promised DLC to be relased later the games life and Gears For Breakfast has kept their promise, relasing to DLC packs which each contain their own unique and stylistic levels, characters, and even new badges that change the world to a Nintendo 64 style or make everything differing tones of Gameboy green and black.

This game does not dissapoint and is available for $29.99 on PS4, Steam, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and a soon to be released Switch port.

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