Great Games I’ve Played: To The Moon

To The Moon is a small indie game that came out in 2011 that was never too big of a hit. It was published by Freebird Games and directed by Kan Gao.

It lacked much in the gameplay department, being made in the RPG Maker XP engine, but made up for it in its writing and music.

The writing can also be attributed to Kan Gao as well as the composition of the games soundtrack.

The story consists of two scientists exploring the memories of a dying man’s life, working to manipulate and create new memories for the man. This is so he can somewhat fulfill his dream to go to the moon, which as the story unfolds is quite a touching sentiment.

The game is available on PC, Mac OS X, Linux, Steam, IOS, and Android. It is also soon to have a 2019 release on the Nintendo Switch and will have an animtated film adaptation later in the future.

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