Great Games I’ve Played: The Beginner’s Guide

The Beginner’s Guide is a small indie game made by Davey Wreden, a man known best for creating “The Stanley Parable.”

This game is specifically good at using its narration as a form of trickery. Davey has a comforting voice he uses to pull you in. You have no reason to suspect Davey is a bad guy, even with a few choice statements, in this game Davey seems quite innocent. Its almost scary how much I realize I was agreeing with what he was saying until I played the game a second time.

The game is an interactive story based game, or in simple terms a walking simulator. You walk around flip a switch, you listen to Davey narrate, repeat. It isn’t till near the end of the game you realize the man who has held your hand throughout this game is kind of crazy and a little obsessive if not possessive of the character “Koda.”

It flips the script so hard it gave me whiplash my first run through this seemingly innocent and harmless game. Give this game a go if you haven’t already, its quite an emotional rollercoaster.

The Beginner’s Guide is available on PC, Mac OS X, and Steam for $9.99.

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