Uglydolls and Lou

Lou was right. Kinda.

Uglydolls, the 2019 animated “kids” film, staring such remarkable voices Kelly Clarkson and Pitbull, is bad.

Welcome to Uglyville! It’s a party 24/7 and everyone is happy. Our protagonist Moxy waits day by day hoping that today will be the day, the day she is chosen to go to the big world! One day Moxy and friends discover the Institute of Perfection and meet a doll by the name of Lou. The doll promises that Moxy and friends will train to go to the big world. After some shenanigans it’s revealed that Lou is a bad guy!

TL;DR- Lou was bad dude and perfection is a farce because your flaws make you unique?

Uglydolls is bad at everything it does. The jokes, the music, the writing, the characters, etc.

But the worst thing it does is make itself subject to either being forgotten for being mediocre or be dissected by a 20 something year old dude who writes about the dumbest stuff.

This case it’s the latter and I want to make a case. Lou, the antagonist of the story, was right (kinda).

In the movie, the Institute of Perfection is made as a training ground for dolls to become perfect. When Lou befriends Ox, he does his best to help Ox train for the big world. Eventually he tells Ox the hard truth that he was a defect, but there’s still a chance if he goes to the recycling chute. He gives Ox an opportunity to try again and become a better him but Ox denies this chance and blocks off the Recycling chute.

What’s so bad about that you might ask? Well Ox takes away any possible chance of any Uglydoll going to the Big World. This includes our protagonist, Moxy. He doesn’t seem to tell anybody about this and just keeps everyone happy with a constant party.

In a world where there is a set standard for perfection Ox takes away any chance for all defects to reach that standard.

If this was our world this would be a grey area kind of situation but in Uglydolls, perfection is a standard as they are a machine manufactured toy. Its a black and white problem that is in favor of Lou. Lou gives every doll a chance, and gives them a second option if they want to meet industry quality.

The movie is something to be forgotten but I wasted my time watching this movie so I wasted your time by subjecting you to reading this random blog about an animated kids film that will be forgotten about sooner or later.

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