Shazam! A horror movie for kids

The first thing I want to put on the table is how much I love Shazam!

The writing, the acting, the production are all amazing. Zachary Levi felt like an actual older version of Asher Angel, the world felt connected to the DCEU, I felt like I was viewing the perspective of the average citizen in a world where superheroes exist.

Shazam! made me feel like a kid again, and if I were held at gun point to guess who directed this film without looking it up I’d mostly be on the ground bleeding to death because I blurted out Sam Raimi.

Luckily I have the power of a 10 second google search and I know this film was directed by David Sandburg, known best for the small budget horror film “Lights Out.”

David Sandberg feels like the appropriate director for this film and it weirdly fits the DCEU. Its dark and mature but still fits into the frame of a cheesy superhero film about a kid getting superpowers from a wizard.

It has intense scenes of a man angry enough to kill his own brother by carelessly throwing them out of a window, intercut with a couple of kids being well, kids.

I think whats even better is that our main character Billy Batson, when we’re introduced to him, is shown to commit sins like everyone else.

He’s deceptive, he’s snarky, and he even commits theft stealing a police officers lunch. The difference between Billy and the antagonist, Thaddeus Sivana, is that he isn’t disconnected from his family on purpose.

Dr. Sivana is told constantly he’s weak and he’s not good enough. His dad tells him, his brother tells him, the wizard tells him. Everyone tells him he will never amount to anything and that hurts him. It drives him to amount to something. To have power. He talks up his father best fitting the sin of greed but he best fits the sin of pride.

Billy on the other hand only has the goal of finding his mom. He doesn’t strive to be better but only wishes to find his mom (outlook not so good).

This movie has me excited for the DCEU and what it has in store.

One thought on “Shazam! A horror movie for kids

  1. I also loved Shazam. It had depth while having levity. Of course , I also think that Zachary Levi is a fantastic actor. Loved him in Chuck.
    Shazam showed the world that we are all capable of being the best versions of ourselves. It showed us that family can be more than blood.
    Yes Billy was commuting sins and being a typical teenager for the most part, but he wound up being a great hero because he realized there was more he could be and that he could share that with others. Plus, finding his mom helped him round out his life. He finally got to know why she wasn’t there. It reminded me of when I found my mom. I got the chance to talk to her and find out why she left.
    All in all Shazam is a hilarious, touching, and powerful film that I recommend everyone go see. I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

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