3. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

This film is something that I didn’t expect to like.

But looking back, Chris Miller and Phil Lord knew what they we’re doing and goddamn does it show. This movie made me more excited to imagine. This movie taught me to not be so indulgent in my hubris.

Instead of a character’s invention failing it succeeds. Flint Lockwood, a quirky but relatable scientist doesn’t spend the whole movie trying to succeed. He realizes that succeeding isn’t everything. If he succeeds, others fall in his shadow. He helps others rise, but only to rise in society’s standards of success. Sam Sparks, is a smart person, but to “succeed” she needs to downplay her intelligence. Flint isn’t a super genius, but he has to play it up like he is. He doesn’t have the answer to his problems, but needs to act like he does.

Not only did this movie affect me emotionally, it got me excited for science. I wore a lab coat for 3 years when I saw this movie. I studied every textbook I could get my hands on and I just fell in love with science.

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