9. Coco

Every single time I watch this film I cry at the end. This movie is important for a lot of reasons but to me it’s the culture and music that’s most important.

The use of “Remember Me” multiple times kinda represents the whole movies idea of how our culture spreads and how it’s sometimes misused. In the beginning you hear the song in the form of a sappy upbeat song performed by Ernesto De La Cruz (with amazing voice work by Benjamin Bratt) it sound right. We hear the song throughout the film in multiple variations with different tones and instruments. It isn’t till the end that the song’s true form is revealed.

Now take that song and replace it with something like Dia de los Muertos and how in Hispanic culture it varies and in America I continues to vary with things like All Hallows Eve. We are all connected by out culture and our families. Every family celebrates different occasions in their own way and sometimes it spreads and changes to their family.

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