11. The Lobster

Number 11 was one movie to this day I will keep quoting. When I watched The Lobster I felt something change in me, maybe it was my perspective on love maybe it was my love for Lobsters but watching it I felt it.

Watching this film for the first time was awkward. I was thrust into the first minute with a woman shooting a donkey and driving off. Out of context this was weird to say the least, and that can go without saying with much of the movie on your first viewing. From headphone discos in the forest to deadpan lines about being screwed up the arse its nearly uncomfortable.

I think it was supposed to be uncomfortable. It was strange, askew, and unnatural. The Lobster confines you to watching but at the same time you just want to pull away. It wants you to laugh but it also wants you to think and feel disconnected for a good minute.

These aren’t actual people, their love on screen isn’t real and their love in the movie isn’t real either. Love doesn’t develop in days, months, years, seconds, but in the conversations we have. Love is something out of our control but its not instant. There’s no spark, no lightbulb, no warning.

Love isn’t just for other people though. You can love yourself too, and it becomes a tough decision if you don’t know how to balence it. Even though in movies, games, books, advertisements and other things love is forced on us as being something that you need. You need love to feel accomplished, to feel complete, to feel human. It depicts love as only being able to share it with someone else.

Yorgos Lanthimos is an amazing director whom I respect very much and I feel as if, even if I can’t pinpoint exactly what love is, I feel like I can love a little better because of this film.

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