10. Next Gen

This film is a Netflix original film that I feel is underappreciated and looked over because of Disney’s “Big Hero 6.” With a somewhat similar structure the case could somewhat be made but these films are vastly different.

I wrote an entire essay on this film explaining why this film is better than Big Hero 6 but I think the main reason is the dynamic between Mai and 7723. Instead of Hiro and Baymax’s relationship of Hiro cares about Baymax because Tadashi made him, Mai ends up caring about 7723 because 7723 cares about her.

There’s one scene in particular I want to talk about that I can make this apparent. In Big Hero 6 about halfway through the movie its revealed that Professor Callahan faked his death. This angers Hiro as Tadashi sacrificed himself to attempt saving Callahan causing his death. Hiro, enraged because of this new detail in the ordeal, command Baymax to kill Callahan. To do this he removes the card Tadashi installed to keep him from being violent. It isn’t till the card is reinstalled and Hiro is reminded what Tadashi made Baymax for that Hiro learns that he can’t kill Callahan.

On the flipside, In Next Gen is a scene kinda like this, but with less plot twists. When Ani, is harassed by Greenwood and her clique at a park, Mai and 7723 intervene. Mai orders 7723 to destroy their Q-Bots, which he reluctantly follows, but he refuses to kill a selfish and cornered Greenwood. Mai hits Greenwood in the face and hands with her bat, causing the bully to cry because she has been mean to her ever since Mai’s father left, and she ran off to think of what she had done. Mai returns home, upset with 7723 for letting her down.

The difference between these scenes is that instead of Baymax himself telling Hiro that violence isn’t the answer, Baymax reminds him that Tadashi made him to help. In Next Gen its 7723 that wants to help, not his creator that made him to help.

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