All other movies don’t matter. Unfriended is my favorite movie.

It was 2014, some amazing films had already came out and things were looking bright. Horror movies were on a role but the best had yet to come. A movie unlike any other by the name of “Unfriended”.

Unfriended was unique and it’s style was unlike any other. Instead of dizzing and nonsensical camera work like in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” and Alejandro Gonzalez’s “Birdman” the whole movie is from the perspective of a still camera scene. Instead of using big name actors the movie takes a risk using smaller named actors like Shelley Hennig and Jacob Wysocki.

The acting is phenomenal. I relate to the characters as they speak but I also relate to the computer cursor as if it was a character in itself. The frantic moving around the screen and clicking on random stuff is relatable and realistic.

This movie is incredible and very scary. The moment when Laura Barns removes the forward button on gmail scared me so badly I had to pause and take a breather, or when Blaire uses her demon voice in the beginning truly an amazing start to a perfect film. Movies like Jaws and Us take too long to build up tension but you know you’re in for a wild ride when Mitch pulls out his knife right in the beginning of the film.

The moral lesson this movie teaches is not about how cyberbulling is bad or that we can have a mob mentality on the internet but that if you bully your friend online enough to the point that they commit suicide by holding the gun at arms length then they will come back to haunt your computer and make you forget to turn off your screen share.

Truly this film is a masterpiece. 11/10.

(Okay this poster is actually kinda cool.)

ᴬᵖʳᶦˡ ᶠᵒᵒˡˢ.

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