13. Monsters University

As much as I enjoy the wacky antics of Monster’s Inc. I never felt full invested. To me it was a fun popcorn flick that admittedly had me a little choked up my first time watching it. So no surprise when Pixar announced Monsters University was coming out, I wasn’t too impressed.

I think to myself once in awhile about what it was like before I watched Monsters University. When I watch the trailers I chuckled at one or two jokes and I wasn’t too impressed with much of the film. It bored me.

When I went to see in theaters, instead of feeling happy, bored, or amused though, I ended up loving it. I love all the small character quirks, the relatable writing, the actually somewhat scary monsters, the animation which at some points I had to question if I was just looking at a well shot picture, the jokes are actually funny. I was ecstatic to see this film again.

There’s not much I can say to convince people this is a good movie, people will ramble on that this is a cash grab, a rushed film, it’s not special, and they can keep those opinions. For me this movie is a perfect prequel and my testament to that is I watched this movie 67 times back-to-back and still noticed small entertaining details and jokes. I scoured through the movies bonus features and bonus disc watching every single little behind-the-scenes look at the film, and this movie is just unforgettable.

Watching the movie with directors commentary shows the amount of passion and hard work put into this film. They cared about telling a heartfelt story, and the fact that most people look down on this film hurts me.

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