12. My Hero Academia: Two Heros

So I want you to think to youself. What are somethings you hate about being in a theater? People talking in the theater, being loud, or just being on their cell phones during the film. Its something we all hate and it can ruin our immersion of a film, well let me tell you a story about the only time that I was happy people were being loud in a theater.

It was a late Thursday night, me and my brother were off work and we were reminded that My Hero Academia: Two Heros was being shown in theaters near us. We were more than excited to watch it and we got there in the nick of time as the theater was nearly packed. We got the last two seats and headed inside. Inside the lobby were people wearing My Hero Academia shirts, costumes, and just talking about anime. It was comforting and really nice too see, giving me a hope that everyone being a massive fan of the film, would be courteous and not talk during the film. After grabbing our popcorn we sat down in the theater which was filled to the brim with everyone excited to watch.

The movie starts and everyone is quiet, its peaceful, and there are scenes in the movie that have the fans tearing up, some even sobbing, but the real meat of the film was the action. Everyone’s faced glowed to the heart pounding action with Deku and friends. The final battle was here, All Might and Deku were at their lowest, and all hope seemed lost. Their friends step in, and change the tide of the battle. Its amazing, and the excitement of watching our favorite heros work together to beat an all powerful villain is exhilarating, but to my surprise everyone started cheering along. I chimed in too, excited to see the climax and right before the final blow, everyone in the theater including me and my brother yelled a booming and excited “PLUS ULTRA!”

It’s quite the excitement and a community event I can never experience the same again. It was a rush that in our hearts we all knew what to say and cheered it onward. It didn’t take me out of the film or even distract me but instead immersed me in the film in a unique way that I wish people could appreciate.

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