14. Iron Man

Though not as high as expected of the first MCU film, 2008’s Iron Man brought something new to the superhero genre. Instead of someone trying to hide their superhero identity, Tony Stark exudes with personality and flare in his armor. His bombastic way of doing things has a wide contrast to the dark and gritty realistic Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Iron Man is a hero unlike any other, snarky, smart, and cheeky. A man with heart but an alcoholic and gambler. Robert Downey Jr. was made for this role and plays off of every character perfectly.

The film has a predictable plot but the actors, the set pieces, the vfx, and the writing keep it afloat. Its smart, funny, and bright. It also is the start of the much more expansive MCU that would’ve been considered impossible in 2008. Nick Fury throwing down that Avengers initiative folder was a big deal and brought together something incredible.

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