15. Wreck it Ralph

I don’t think anybody can argue that this isn’t a good film. Every scene or line has at the least one video game reference and it’s just fun watching and pointing those out.

This film has more than just video game references though, it has a story that has a heart. Its obvious that this video game aspect of this movie has been a slight crutch for jokes but there are genuine emotional and comedic moments in this film that had me in tears.

The animation is a given, Disney put quality in this film and it shows. My favorite detail would have to be how accurate they got the limitations of arcade games straight from the start. Only certain colors and pixel sizes could be used and they followed strictly to those rules. Not to mention characters like Ralph and Felix have a simplistic design and shape but when moving over to Hero’s Duty everything is detailed from head to toe with even the slightest creases being visible to the naked eye.

I watched this movie in disbelief that Disney would make something like this but honestly I don’t think any studio could’ve done it better.

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