16. Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World was my first taste of Edgar Wright‘s style and the moment I saw it I fell in love.

I’ve seen this movie 86 times now and it never gets old. The music, the characters, the action set pieces, the jokes, the editing, all of this movie is amazing.

Everytime I watch this movie I catch a new joke or a new detail and it just kills me. This is such a good film, though this film isn’t as high on my list.

I love just about every Edgar Wright film that comes out, and this film is my favorite with Baby Driver coming in close at second. I’ve bought tons of Scott Pilgrim merch because of this film and I think that’s enough to show you how much this film has impacted me and my tastes.

I’m quite sad this movie didn’t get more love, or that this franchise didn’t shoot off into success, from the games to the comics, Scott Pilgrim had a chance to become a staple in pop culture but is lost to it’s time with the exception with some notable quotes.

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