17. The Lego Movie

This film is the first of three films directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and I love it. When the Lego Movie was announced, I had watched the trailer for it 78 times back to back. Every frame of the movie is gorgeous and its at times so well done that I was fooled into thinking is was stop-motion.

The Lego Movie was a great film with amazing comedic timing and just the smallest details that you could miss in the blink of an eye.

Some of my favorite details include, whenever a pig dies on screen it turns into sausages, every part shown on screen with it’s product code is the actual product code in real life, or just Batman claiming he hates cloud cuckoo land when being surrounded by a clown and a crocodile but at the same time actually hints at Batman’s loneliness and anti-social tendencies in his spin-off film The Lego Batman Movie (the best Batman movie to this day).

The movie’s moral lesson can be interpreted a dozen different ways, mine being that sometimes we as a society look down on creativity because of are acceptance of the routine. Those with potential are shamed or often not given a chance unless they make one for themselves by having to be out there or eccentric.

I also enjoy the fact that the movie uses the brand in a meaningful way, encouraging creativity but also sticking to its roots of what it advertised, a fun way for a parent to bond with their kid. The simplicity of just interlocking blocks also interlocks our bonds with those around us. Sometimes it can be a colorful mess with a double decker couch inside a rainbow Batman submarine, or it could be and well designed 16:1 scale model of a business skyscraper.

I’m quite upset with myself that I never got the chance to see this wonderful movie in theaters.

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