19. Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale

Sword Art Online will always have a sweet spot in my heart, and when I heard a movie was announced I was more than excited to watch it in theaters.

I was expecting a fun VR adventure when I sat down to watch the film but instead I was given two things, an amazing AR adventure with my two favorite characters and an existential crisis.

What would I do if I was in a relationship that was spurred on by a traumatic event? What if I had a chance to forget that traumatic event? Would I still be the person I am today?

I absolutely loved this movie, the smooth animation, the relationship between Kirito and Asuna, the heart pounding soundtrack, and the new conflict with a villain I won’t forget anytime soon.

The movie only lower on the list as the third act kinda tore down the internal conflict of Kirito having to deal with the fact that he isn’t that good of shape and let him go back into his VR godmode. Its kind of upsetting and wipes away an interesting conflict with, “The Augma is just a portable VR headset!”

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